Using the technology to benefit the prevention and security

A state-of-the-art monitoring

Visialabs is a global company specialist in transforming real needs into solutions for major public and private security demands counting with local support.

Our team is innovative and focused on offering high performance products using Artificial Inteligence, computer vision in video monitoring and strategic data analysis, as well as maintenance and technical support throughout the country.

High performance solutions

Visialabs is committed to offering products that contribute to a good quality of life for people. We bring together the latest high technology to create tactical and strategic intelligence capable of solving most complex problems, especially in large cities.

Big Data

Big Data works by collecting, analyzing and interpreting a large volume of information to facilitate decision making.

Machine Learning

It enhances machine learning capabilities by using data and experiences that strenghten efficiency and precision of information in all levels.

Metvista platform

Metvista empowers customers with a range of real time information, enabling better people traffic management. Suite was designed to be scalable and organically and adding new modules and features.

The most powerfull use of Metvista is its ability to generate and analyse data in a few seconds making it the most powerful tool for immediate decisions where assertiveness is vital.

Artificial intelligence

Analytics is a high-performance tool that transforms data generated by Metvista modules. It processes and interprets information, producing insights that enhance public safety management because it offers:

  • BI data with performance indicators, forecasting and reports customization for the better decion making.

  • Structured dashboards containing the latest, accurate graphics.

Interactive Modules

All modules aim to accelerate investigation and risk management. All of them are able to be independently activated while collaboratively interacting on demand. The quantity and quality of data crossed between sensors, cameras, drones and telephone exchanges guarantee the efficiency and high performance of the system.

It monitors vehicles with analytical resources adding precision and agility to the work of traffic agents.

It is responsible for imminente or in progress risk detection over places where theft, or unauthorized weapons or fleeing people are walking through.

It helps public security in pedestrian traffic áreas, increasing efficiency in the search for suspects, fugitives or missing people.

It analyses pre-recorded vídeos in a dinamic way and feeds Analytics and other systems with accurate information, ensuring efficiency in crisis situations.


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